SupaKitch is a complete artist brimming with ideas; he has created a universe with Asian influences, pop-romantic and musical, where anthropomorphic creatures such as the Supanimal, who looks like a red panda, a fox and a bird, are used as metaphors. SupaKitch composes graphic melodies and continues to explore the concept he’s named “Listen To My Picture”, by renewing the technique of circuit-board. Quite similar to etching, circuit-board symbolizes the beginning of progress in the field of electronics. This contrast of age, nostalgia and advanced technology is omnipresent in his work. Thus vinyl disc confronts printed circuit, painting a scenery of the current music industry like a real “DJ of images”. Another technique has been added to his skills when in 2009 SupaKitch met Caro, a renown tattoo artist, who introduced him to this technique. In 2010, he has been invited by DCSHOES and the Parisian tattoo salon BleuNoir to participate to the exhibition “Burning Ink” and to tattoo his own drawings himself on the people.

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